Ch. Touchwood Command Performance

Alice celebrating her 10th Birthday

July 4, 1994 - September 11, 2006

Alice was the foundation bitch, from which all Elante dogs descend.  In her first litter, she produced "Abigail" who was an Award of Merit Winner in addition to receiving Pedigree's Top Producing Bedlington Terrier Bitch award in 2002.  In her second litter, Alice produced "Evie" a multi-group winner.

Alice was never enamoured with the show ring.  Although she did finish with some nice wins, she was always more at home on the couch.  As soon as she finished, she was retired to the couch and motherhood.

Her contributions to the breed were to be seen in the whelping box.  An exceptional mother, she consistently produced correct, typey puppies.

Alice decided to take a little journey in the winter of 2000, escaping from her dog run while being boarded.  Although "lost" ads were run, posters put up and a group of dedicated people searched for her, no one spotted her.  After almost a month of freezing temperatures, I about gave up hope of ever seeing Alice again. 

Almost a month to the day of her dissapearance, someone called stating that they had what they thought was a Bedlington Terrier in their cattle shed.  They had remembered seeing the ad for her. 

Amazingly enough, it was Alice.  She was tired and dirty but none the worse for wear.  Incredibly enough, she had only lost three pounds during her entire adventure. 

Alice crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge on September 11, 2006 after struggling with seizures.  We're sure she's feeling much better now, and romping with Oliver, who was always her best pal.